CELLOPHANE Caramel Wrappers, 4" x 4" - 1000 Pk.

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Cellophane Caramel Wrappers, 4" x 4" - 1000 pack

Perfect for bitesize candies, cellophane caramel wrappers show your candies off their best. Fresh caramel is absolutely as wonderful to see as it is to eat. Save the time and effort and enjoy your caramel with crisp clear cello caramel wrappers. 

Professional caramel wrappers don't stick to your caramels or taffy, resist tearing, and hold their twist. These cellophane caramel wrappers meet FDA standards for direct food contact. Bulk package of 1000 cellophane wrappers.

Great for twist wrapping individual hard candies or suckers.

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    Cellophane wrappers

    Posted by Stephanie on 26th Oct 2017

    Theee are the perfect wrapper! Nothing sticks to them, and they twist easily so it’s quick to get through a large batch of candy. This is a great company and I always get my order quickly and accurately

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    Shipping and handling has disappointingly been increased!

    Posted by Synethia N on 5th May 2017

    I have enjoyed the product and I've been buying it for some time!

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    Consistent Quality

    Posted by Cole Ouellette on 23rd Apr 2017

    I've bought both the clear cellophane wrappers as well as the wax paper wrappers and prefer the cellophane.

    When I first started making caramels, I didn't imagine that I would ever need more than 1000 wrappers, but now that I've started my own candy business, I'm finding that I go through about a thousand a week.

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    great product for a great price!

    Posted by Chad on 3rd Apr 2017

    Exactly as advertised

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    Great wrapper for my caramels

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Feb 2017

    These wrappers are perfect! They make my product look professionally done!

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    Make my caramels look like I'm a pro!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2017

    I bought a package of these same wrappers (1000) and they've lasted a few years. Everyone is amazed that my caramels are homemade as they look like a commercial product with these wrappers. The company is fantastic. I've only ordered from them twice but both times the order was processed the same day and the product arrived in just a couple of days. A great value!!

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    love these wrappers!

    Posted by Kari Hermansen on 18th Dec 2016

    I used to cut pieces of wax paper for my caramels (economical, but a pain.) Once I found these a few years back I was so excited. If you buy a large quantity they are not too expensive. The caramel doesn't stick to the wrapper and they make my caramels look so professional. Love them!

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    huge time saver for us

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2016

    These are great.

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    Never thought that cellophane would work better than waxed paper for caramels

    Posted by SuziQ23 on 15th Dec 2016

    I make the cream caramels and my hubby Bill wraps them. For years, I have been buying larger waxed paper wrappers for my caramels. Bill has complained that they were too big, but wouldn't let me take the time to cut them. I bought a package of designer caramels & noticed that she used cellophane. Instead of going right to Kitchen Kraft to order caramel wraps, I did a search and Caramel Wrappers showed up. So I ordered some cellophane wrappers of various sizes to try. Bill didn't like the cellophane at first, but liked the smaller size. I noticed that he was folding the wrappers around the caramels as he has done with the waxed paper ones, and they weren't holding. So I suggested twisting them at the ends like in the picture. He has damaged his hands after years of opening bottles as a Pharmacist, and he said that wrapping them was too painful. I offered to do them instead, but he shooed me away.

    However, when I came back to check on his progress, he had used all of the cellophane wrappers, twisted not folded and he had to finish wrapping the batch with leftover waxed wraps. He told me that after he got the hang of twisting them, the cellophane was by far, the best. He told me to get on the computer and order more, Right Now!

    Thank you for offering several sizes types and colors of caramel wrappers. From now on, they are all we will be using!!!