Orange Caramel Wrappers 4" x 5", 100 Sheets

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Orange Caramel Wrappers 4" x 5", 100 Sheets

Give brightly wrapped caramels as bright summer gifts, for autumn or Halloween. Orange caramel wraps are 4"x5", just the right size for a single candy an the package size is large enough for a large singel recipe. Don't hand cut caramel wraps, you can save the time and effort and enjoy your candies more.

Professional wrappers don't stick to your caramels, taffy, or candies and resist tearing.



  • Helps keep caramels, taffies, and hard candies fresh
  • Resists tearing
  • Enough sheets for most large single recipes
  • 4" x 5" size perfect for most bite-size candies
  • Meets FDA standards for direct food contact